Tuesday, August 4, 2015

the waiting game...

weekend bad hair day with the baby quilt I am making

It has been already 9 months since we are in the adoption process and we just finished the preparation course yesterday! Now the most important meeting with our social worker is coming up and we are going to be on the waiting list after that... then the third trimester starts, waiting, unknowingly how long it will take until we meet our child! I am in the middle of nesting, even tough I am really trying not to buy anything, but prepare in this stage, since we don't know a lot about our future child... so we are trying to prepare by reading, talking and thinking a lot about our family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

family in Israel

My brother and his family came to visit us in Israel last weekend. It was a very short (3 days) trip filled with travel, good weather, yummy food and lots of good laughs.

They arrived on wednesday evening in Tel aviv.
The next morning we made a day-trip to Jerusalem, strolling the markets, getting a spectacular view from the austrian hospice terrace and finding the Naomi Kiss street, which could have been named after my sister! :)

 We stopped by the lutheran church, went to the Western wall, ate a falafel and walked around the quarters of the old city.

The highlight of the day was our visit to the Graden Thomb, which is believed by some christians to be the place where Jesus was buried and risen... it is a magical garden, full of calm corners, to meditate, pray and sing (there was a lot of beautiful singing going on...) we set down and took it all in. There was an opportunity to make a private holy communion, they brought us wine and matza bread. My brother read the prayers and bible verses and it was truly magical to celebrate it here.

On Friday we walked around in Yuvalim and showed them the petting zoo and the village and drove to the Sea of Galilea. We visited Capernaum, and ate a huge lunch and went to swim in the warm water of the lake.

  Yuvalim is just perfect for kids...

Sea of Galilee - so beautiful

In the evening we visited friends in Yuvalim and the next morning drove down at the shore of the mediterranean Sea to Tel aviv. Got ice creams and walked on the beach to old Jaffo and enjoyed a family lunch in Rishon. What an amazing weekend it was!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

good news

 bracing ourselves for this roller-coaster ride called adoption

It's official! We are adopting here in Israel!

After 7 months of check ups, countless meetings with our social worker, home visit, psychological tests, we passed this stage and starting the parent's workshop end of June! We couldn't be more excited!

It hasn't been easy since november last year, being constantly under a magnifying glass, but we grew and learned so much in these months... now we are sure that this is our paths and it is happening... thank you for all the prayers, encouragement, hugs that you sent us - they really carry us in these months of unknown...

We keep reminding ourselves, that from here it is only a matter of time (only God knows how long it will take) and we will become parents!