Monday, November 18, 2013

brain cleaning...

 swim - stretch - run happy

Sport is like brain cleaning for me... it always helps me to relax and reset after a hard day and it never ever happens that I don´t feel better after it.

Less than a year after my surgery I am back at almost my old level... but one thing changed. I am not a lone runner anymore (although I really used to like it), we always run together with my love.

He is a swimmer, so he took me to the swimming pool a few years ago and I will be forever thankful for it, because today there are not so many other places, where I feel so connected to myself than in the pool... so we swim together, each in his own rhythm in the same lane and happy to share at the end how much each of us did in the same time (lately Sh. usually swims 2500 and I swim 2000 m)... he took me to cross the Sea of Galilea again this year and it was amazing! Not easy for me, but really worth it!

But back to running: my goal to run a half marathon together is coming true! In less then 3 weeks we will run the Beit Shean half marathon (the same like my first half marathon) and this time together! We are training hard for quite a long time. The hills of the Galil are really hard on me. I try to push myself through the runs even I feel like I am slow as a snail... but then two weeks ago we were running in Rishon (on my old flat running trail) on the weekend and suddenly we were so fast - I couldn´t believe my garmin- so maybe I didn´t loose all my speed after all... just the hills slow me down around here...

Anyway I am happy that I can share this with you and hope you have a sport that makes you feel alive!

us the day before crossing the Kinnereth - no excuses just do it - swim & run

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Kücsi baba anyukája said...

Megedzettek az emelkedők. Jobb leszel, mint valaha, majd meglátod. Drukkolok az első közös félmaratonotokhoz. Nagyon szuper páros vagytok!